[llvm-dev] debugging and examining instruction itineraries

Phil Tomson via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 28 14:48:39 PDT 2016

I've got instruction itineraries in a target schedule.td file. I'm
wondering if they're having much effect on the output code - is there a
commandline switch to llc or opt that tells it to not use itineraries so I
can examine the resulting assembly code? I'd like to be able to easily
compare a .s file created with itineraries to one without itineraries
without having to recompile all of LLVM - is that possible?

Also, are there commandline switches (maybe an option to -debug-only ?)
that will output information about how the itineraries are impacting
scheduling? (or output any itinerary info at all?)


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