[llvm-dev] Assertion in MachineScheduler.cpp

Rail Shafigulin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 27 10:10:08 PDT 2016

I was handed a makefile which is used to compile a library and was told to
figure out why the compilation is failing.

There is a lot of output and at this point I'm not sure what is important
and what is not. I'm trying to solve this problem in small steps, so if
asked I can certainly provide more information.

The first error that I see during compilation is

lib/CodeGen/MachineScheduler.cpp:1165: void
llvm::ScheduleDAGMILive::scheduleMI(llvm::SUnit*, bool): Assertion
`TopRPTracker.getPos() == CurrentTop && "out of sync"' failed.

Another important detail is that we are running clang-3.5. I know it is
old, but for now we are not allowed to switch to a newer version.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this. What is causing this
assertion? Is there a way to fix it? Could there something be wrong with
the input file? I do have access to the llvm code and have the freedom to
change it.

Any advice or help is appreciated.

Rail Shafigulin
Software Engineer
Esencia Technologies
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