[llvm-dev] Advice on Reducing LLVM Bitcode Programs

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Thu Apr 21 13:27:36 PDT 2016

I managed to address the problem. It turns out that there is a flag -mlimit
controlling the memory consumption of bugpoint. The default value is 400MB,
and I set it to 0. Then the sanitizers run smoothly.

Now I am running delta and bugpoint together to minimize the bitcode. From
what I see so far, the combination is not bad.

A remaining problem is the comments in the bitcode files (strings starting
with ';'). It will be good if I can remove them too.

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 12:19 AM, Chengnian Sun <chengniansun at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I have found a bitcode test program that triggers a miscompilation bug in
> an LLVM pass. However, when I use bugpoint to reduce the program, I
> encounter several problems. It would be great if someone can give me some
> advice.
> (1) Ensure the validity of the reduced test program.
> Is it necessary to add some checks in the interestingness script to ensure
> the validity of the reduced programs?
> I tried to use various sanitizers to achieve this (asan, ubsan, msan).
> However, I always get the following error
>     ==9070==ERROR: AddressSanitizer failed to allocate 0xdfff0001000
> (15392894357504) bytes at address 2008fff7000 (errno: 12)
>     ==9070==ReserveShadowMemoryRange failed while trying to map
> 0xdfff0001000 bytes. Perhaps you're using ulimit -v
> If I directly run these scripts, then the sanitizers can run smoothly.
> (2) The minimality of the reduced test program.
> Is the reduced test program by bugpoint minimal? I managed to reduce
> several programs (without using the sanitizers), however, the sizes are
> usually still big. I saw the test programs reduced by LLVM developers
> attached in bug reports, and they were usually very small, ~10 lines. Do
> you also use Delta to further minimize the test programs?
> Thank you.
> Chengnian.

Best Regards.

Chengnian SUN.
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