[llvm-dev] RFC: LNT/Test-suite support for custom metrics and test parameterization

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Thu Apr 21 06:36:36 PDT 2016

On 21 Apr 2016, at 15:00, Elena Lepilkina <Elena.Lepilkina at synopsys.com<mailto:Elena.Lepilkina at synopsys.com>> wrote:

Hi Kristof and Daniel,

Thanks for your answers.

Unfortunately I haven’t tried scaling up to a large data set before. Today I tried and results are quite bad.
So database scheme should be rebuild. Now I thought about creating one sample table for each test-suite, but not cloning all tables in packet. As I see other tables can be same for all testsuites. I mean if user run tests of new testsuite, new sample table would be created during importing data from json, if it doesn’t exist. Are there some problems with this solution? May be, I don’t know some details.

It's unfortunate to see performance doesn't scale with the proposed initial schema, but not entirely surprising. I don't really have much feedback on how the schema could be adapted otherwise as I haven't worked much on that. I hope Daniel will have more insights to share here.

Moreover, I have question about compile tests. Are compile tests runnable? In http://llvm.org/perf there is no compile test. Does that mean that they are deprecated for now?

About test parameters, for example, we would like to have opportunity to compare benchmark results of test compiled with -O3 and -Os in context of one run.

The way we use LNT, we would run different configuration (e.g. -O3 vs -Os) as different "machines" in LNT's model. This is also explained in LNT's documentation, see
https://github.com/llvm-mirror/lnt/blob/master/docs/concepts.rst. Unfortunately, this version of the documentation hasn't found it's way yet to http://llvm.org/docs/lnt/contents.html.
Is there a reason why storing different configurations as different "machines" in the LNT model doesn't work for you?
I assume that there are a number of places in LNT's analyses that assume that different runs coming from the same "machine" are always produced by the same configuration. But I'm not entirely sure about that.


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