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+cc Artem, who added the LinkOnlyNeeded flag.

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 9:18 AM, Mehdi Amini via llvm-dev <
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> Hi Neil,
> On Apr 20, 2016, at 5:20 AM, Neil Henning via llvm-dev <
> llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> TL;DR - when linking from a lazily loaded module and using
> Linker::LinkOnlyNeeded, bodies of used functions aren't being copied during
> linking.
> Previously on one of our products, we would lazily load our runtime module
> (around 9000 functions), and link some user module into this (which is in
> all practical use cases much smaller).
> It sounds reverse to what I would intuitively do (i.e. load the runtime
> into my module).
> Then, post linking, we have a pass that runs over the module and rips out
> all the un-materialized functions that weren't being used in the original
> user module.
> I only just noticed that LinkModules has a flags parameter that can take a
> LinkOnlyNeeded flag, which made me wonder if I could reverse the link order
> (EG. link from the lazily loaded runtime module into the user module), set
> the LinkOnlyNeeded flag, and hey presto, we wouldn't need to have a cleanup
> pass that ran afterwards ripping out functions that weren't used.
> So I tried it, and it failed. Basically any function that was still to be
> materialized wasn't getting its body copied over during linking.
> The only line of code that differs when you set LinkOnlyNeeded is in
> LinkModules.cpp -> ModuleLinker::linkIfNeeded:
> if (shouldLinkOnlyNeeded() && !(DGV && DGV->isDeclaration()))
>     return false;
> The isDeclaration() for functions has a call to isMaterializable().
> Things I've tried:
>    - If I don't pass LinkOnlyNeeded but still link from the lazily loaded
>    runtime module into the user module, it works (albeit it is orders of
>    magnitude slower like we'd expect).
>    - If I don't lazily load the runtime module, it works (but again, much
>    slower).
>    - I tried doing the linking and then materializing the newly linked
>    module, but the runtime functions were still missing their bodies (which
>    implies the information was lost during linking).
>    - If I hack the LinkModules.cpp code such that it checks if the DGV
>    could be materialized, and if so materialize it, before checking for a
>    declaration again, it works:
> if (shouldLinkOnlyNeeded() && !(DGV && DGV->isDeclaration())) {
>     if (DGV && DGV->isMaterializable())
>         DGV->materialize();
>     if (!(DGV && DGV->isDeclaration()))
>         return false;
> }
> DGV is the GlobalValue in the *destination* Module, it is not clear to me
> how materializing has an effect on the *source* Module.
> I am probably missing something here...

I think the difference here is that the destination module is being lazy
loaded, whereas I typically see the source modules being lazily loaded. So
it sounds like the issue is that DGV has not *yet* been materialized in the
dest module, and therefore DGV->isDeclaration() is returning false, leading
the linkIfNeeded to return false, despite the fact that if we did
materialize DGV it would be a declaration and would decide to link in SGV.

Not sure that this usage mode of lazy loading has been tested before. As
Mehdi says, Rafael may have more insight.


> Even with the extra cost of the hack above - this has resulted in a 2x
> speedup in our total link time.
> So really here I am wondering - is this expected behaviour? A bug? And if
> so how best to go about fixing the issue would be some grand advice from
> people more in the know!
> The linker was written before Module was lazy loaded I think. Many pieces
> in LLVM assume things their working on are materialized.
> On a side note (a bit off-topic), I wonder if `isDeclaration()` should
> return false for materializable function?
> CC Rafael, who knows this code better.
> --
> Mehdi
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