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Wed Apr 20 00:08:46 PDT 2016

libOption's key feature is being able implement command line parsing
compatible with basically any program under the sun. For example, you have
control over distinguishing between `-foo` and `--foo` if you need that.
It is used in clang for command line parsing compatible cl.exe and gcc.
In LLD it is used for command line option parsing compatible with link.exe,
gnu ld, and ld64.
If you're writing a program from scratch, this is probably too heavyweight
and not the right choice (e.g. it involves running a TableGen step as part
of your build).

On the other hand, cl::opt has its oddities. But overall cl::opt is a
reasonable basic option parsing library I would say. If you just need some
basic option parsing, already have LLVM as a dependency, and don't want to
roll your own option parsing, it is probably a decent choice.

Overall I would not consider LLVM to provide a general purpose "option
parsing" solution. But cl::opt is the closest thing we have.

-- Sean Silva

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 5:47 AM, Russell Wallace via llvm-dev <
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> I'm given to understand that the recommendation these days is to use
> libOption instead of cl::opt, on the grounds that it has a number of
> advantages including more control of which options are made available.
> Is there any information available on how to use libOption, any
> documentation or example programs? Do any existing programs use it except
> the clang driver programs? Those customise their commandline handling
> heavily enough that it's hard to use them as examples.
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