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> On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 10:46 PM, Derek Bruening via llvm-dev
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> > TL;DR: We plan to build a suite of compiler-based dynamic instrumentation
> > tools for analyzing targeted performance problems.  These tools will all
> > live under a new "EfficiencySanitizer" (or "esan") sanitizer umbrella, as
> > they will share significant portions of their implementations.
> I will bike-shed the name as much as anyone else, but I'll stay away for
> now :-)

> > While these tools are not addressing correctness issues like other
> > sanitizers, they will be sharing a lot of the existing sanitizer runtime
> > library support code.  Furthermore, users are already familiar with the
> > sanitizer brand, and it seems better to extend that concept rather than
> add
> > some new term.
> Not the email to bike-shed the name, but I don't like "Efficiency"
> that much here :-)

Heh, so I really do like "efficiency", much more than performance or

But I really do think that we shouldn't try to bikeshed the name much. IMO,
while it's great to throw out ideas around better names, and certainly to
point out any serious *problems* with a name, but past that I'll be happy
with whatever the folks actually working on this pick.

I think we should all focus on the relevant technical discussion, and float
any name ideas that we have, and let Derek and Qin make the final call on
the name.

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