[llvm-dev] [Sparc] Load address with SETHI

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Fri Apr 15 07:15:21 PDT 2016


I'm trying to implement __builtin_setjmp / __builtin_longjmp for Sparc processors. I think I'm very close, but I can't work out how to issue BuildMI-type instructions to load the address of the recovery location (set in setjmp) into a register using the SETHI / OR combination. I can't see any equivalent code anywhere else in Sparc.

I imagine this is similar if I try to make a CALLRi or CALLrr call, but looking through the code there isn't yielding any obvious solution to me.

Would anyone be able to point me at a relevant piece of code that can do this, or is already doing it for Sparc?

Best Regards,
Chris Dewhurst / Lero, University of Limerick, Ireland.
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