[llvm-dev] Wanted: a way to test changes before breaking all the build bots.

Renato Golin via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 12 11:08:41 PDT 2016

On 12 April 2016 at 18:45, Robinson, Paul
<Paul_Robinson at playstation.sony.com> wrote:
> I haven't tried to collect data but my intuition is that the most
> common breakages are Windows, followed by release builds.  The latter
> is something people can do themselves (although it's tedious); the
> former, not so much.

The ARM bots break often enough, too, but recently people seem keen on
fixing the bots quick enough, though, sometimes at the expense of
multiple patches.

I agree even a shallow pre-commit strategy would reduce the noise
levels way down.


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