[llvm-dev] Wanted: a way to test changes before breaking all the build bots.

James Y Knight via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 12 08:13:33 PDT 2016

So, I broke a few build modes with a recent commit (r266002). I had been
developing with clang in debug mode, which worked and passed tests fine.
But upon committing, I discovered that I had broken:
1) Bots building with GCC. (fixed subsequently in r266011)
2) Bots doing an NDEBUG build with -Werror. (fixed subsequently in r266016)
3) Bots building llvm with msan. (fixed via revert r266062)

Obviously, that was not an ideal outcome.

I'd love to have some reasonable way that I could try out a commit *other
than* submitting it and hoping for the best, so that sort of thing can be

Ideally, I could run a change through the actual buildbots and get back a
report. I'm not sure if that's possible or not. Or, if it would overload
the build machines, since many of them seem barely even able keep up with
the submit rate. (it would still be valuable even if the feature was
restricted to platforms easily obtainable at arbitrary scale on public
clouds, though.)

But, barring that, even just having a script that would automatically run
all of the builds on my own machine, equivalent to what the bots running
the same host platform would run, would be a great help. With that, I could
at least be fairly sure my commit wouldn't break any Linux/x86-64 bots,
which isn't really reasonably possible right now.

Is anyone working on anything to make this situation better?
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