[llvm-dev] Test failure

Csaba Raduly via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Apr 12 03:34:32 PDT 2016

My name (csaBARaduly) has once again tripped up a test :)

FAIL: LLVM :: Transforms/StripSymbols/strip-dead-debug-info.ll (26977 of 29039)
******************** TEST 'LLVM ::
Transforms/StripSymbols/strip-dead-debug-info.ll' FAILED
-strip-dead-debug-info -verify
-S | /home/csabaraduly/workspace/LLVM/ninjacmake/./bin/FileCheck
Exit Code: 1

Command Output (stderr):
<stdin>:2:29: error: CHECK-NOT: string occurred!
source_filename =
note: CHECK-NOT: pattern specified here
; CHECK-NOT: bar

GCS a+ e++ d- C++ ULS$ L+$ !E- W++ P+++$ w++$ tv+ b++ DI D++ 5++
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