[llvm-dev] X86 TRUNCATE cost for AVX & AVX2 mode

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One day I worked hard and refactored the cost calculation for all X86 targets.
But this revision was not accepted.

I fixed conversions, but assume that truncation suffers from the same problem.
I used "SplitFactor" in order to process wide types.

I'll be happy if you'll try to reanimate this work or part of it, because the huge numbers causes a non-optimal vectorization factor to be chosen.

-           Elena

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Subject: X86 TRUNCATE cost for AVX & AVX2 mode


I was going through the X86TTIImpl::getCastInstrCost, and got a doubt on cost
calculation for TRUNCATE instruction in AVX mode.

In AVX2ConversionTbl & AVXConversionTbl table there is no cost defined for
TRUNCATE v16i32 to v16i8, as a fallback it goes to SSE41ConversionTbl table and there
it finds cost as 30 for this operation. 30 cost for this operation looks very high.

Wondering why such a high cost kept for this, any pointers to understand this will be helpful.
In few cases this restricts better vectorization opportunities.

Other observations:
Cost for TRUNCATE v16i32 to v16i8 in SSE2ConversionTbl as 7.
Cost for TRUNCATE v8i32 to v8i8 is 2 in AVX2 and 4 in AVX mode.


Intel Israel (74) Limited

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