[llvm-dev] [GPUCC] how to remove _ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv() automatically?

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Thu Apr 7 16:24:56 PDT 2016


I needed to compile a cuda source file (say, a.cu) into IR (a.bc), and then
merge a.bc with another bitcode file (b.bc, compiled from b.cu).  So I
used *llvm-link
a.bc b.bc -o c.bc*

However, I noticed that an internal function '* _ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv()
*' is defined in both a.bc & b.bc, and when merging these two files, one of
the two definitions was renamed to  '*_ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv.2()*',
and written into c.bc.

 Then I did *llc c.bc -o c.s -march=nvptx ; ptxas c.s -o c.o*

However, ptxas would give the following complaint:

*ptxas c.s, line 171; error   : Duplicate definition of function

*ptxas c.s, line 171; fatal   : Parsing error near '.2': syntax error*

So I inspected c.s and found the issue above was caused by the following

.*func**  (.param .b32 func_retval0) _ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv.2() //

After I manually deleted the definition of this function in c.s, the
compilation works file.  I wonder how could I force llc to remove  *`*
_ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv.2*()`*? Or is that possible to prevent
_ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv*() *from being generated into a.bc & b.bc in
the first place?  Or is this possible to ask llvm-link to NOT rename
*_ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv() **into **ZL21__nvvm_reflect_anchorv**.2**()*


*Yuanfeng Peng *
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