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I have been playing around with a custom pass which is built out-of-source
using CMake. It works as expected on Linux. I have also built the pass and
llvm trunk (separately) using Visual Studio. However when running `opt
-load=. -help` on Windows, the -load directive appears to work but the
passes defined in the .dll are not displayed. In several places it is
suggested that this is due to dynamic linking not being supported on Windows
(e.g. [1]). However, I do not fully understand this explanation, since there
does in fact appear to be Run-Time Dynamic Linking on Windows [2], and this
is even implemented in lib/Support/Windows/DynamicLibrary.inc. I would
greatly appreciate someone explaining in a little more detail why dynamic
linking of loadable modules is not supported on Windows, or if it is and I'm
just doing something wrong.


Thanks a lot,





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