[LLVMdev] question about enabling cfl-aa and collecting a57 numbers

Ana Pazos apazos at codeaurora.org
Sun Feb 1 13:57:26 PST 2015

Hi George,  I will run some  tests and let you know of any performance and correctness issues.




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So, I split it up into three patches:


- cflaa-danny-fixes.diff are (some of?) the fixes that Danny gave us earlier for tests + the minimal modifications you’d need to make in CFLAA to make them pass tests. 

- cflaa-minor-bugfixes.diff consists primarily of a bug fix for Argument handling — we’d always report NoAlias when one of the given variables was an entirely unused argument

            (We never added the appropriate Argument StratifiedAttr)

- cflaa-constexpr-fix.diff - The fix for the constexpr behavior we’ve been seeing


Patches are meant to be applied in the order listed.


Also, I just wanted to thank everyone again for your help so far — it’s greatly appreciated. :)



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