[llvm-dev] Optimization for divisibility tests, and bitwise rotate

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Tue Dec 29 09:08:02 PST 2015

Hi Harold -

I think it would be better to implement this as a DAG combine rather than
an IR combine. That way, you can create an "ISD::ROTR" node directly. You
can also bail out on the transform if a target doesn't support ROTR by
checking something like:
  bool HasROTR = TLI.isOperationLegalOrCustom(ISD::ROTR, VT);

That's from DAGCombiner::MatchRotate() -


On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 4:59 PM, Harold Aptroot via llvm-dev <
llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:

> The pattern x % constant == 0 (where the constant is odd) can be optimized
> more than it currently is, using some modular arithmetic trick, to:
>    x * inv(constant) <=u MaxValue / constant
> This patch sort of does that (hopefully, I did test it and it seemed to
> work,
> and please give me feedback on it, it's only my first try at an llvm
> patch),
> however I ran into a problem. This trick can in theory be easily
> generalized
> to even `constant` (let's ignore powers of two though, they can be done
> better
> the obvious way), but to do so a bitwise rotation is needed.
> But when I build it from two shifts:
>        Value *Mul = Builder->CreateMul(A, Builder->getInt(Multiplier));
>        Value *RShift = Builder->CreateLShr(Mul, Builder->getInt32(Ctz));
>        Value *LShift = Builder->CreateShl(Mul, Builder->getInt32(W - Ctz));
>        Rotated = Builder->CreateOr(RShift, LShift);
> Somewhere along the line, the left shift gets merged with the
> multiplication,
> resulting in two multiplications (and some extra stuff), and no rotation.
> Having two multiplications mostly defeats this optimization, though it's
> still
> a bit less code than what would be generated currently.
> It would be really nice if it could reliably generate something like this
> on x86:
>    imul eax, edi, foo
>    ror eax, bar
>    cmp eax, baz
>    ; use flags
> How should this be handled?
> (the attached patch is limited to odd divisors to avoid this problem)
> Regards,
> Harold
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