[llvm-dev] Interpreting DSCallGraph results

Christian Convey via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Dec 28 13:05:34 PST 2015

> Any suggestions for how to interpret DSCallGraph's output for the
> following?
> Which DSA pass are you using to generate the call graph?  You'll get
> different results from different DSA passes.

I believe I was using TDDataStructures in that run.

> You need to assume that any incomplete call site calls external code which
> can call any function that a) whose linkage makes it visible to (and
> therefore callable from) external code and b) any function whose address is
> in a DSNode that has the Incomplete or External flag set (i.e., the
> function pointer could be read by external code).

Thanks, that's extremely useful.  Much appreciated.

- Christian
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