[llvm-dev] how to add padding to globals?

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Mon Dec 21 06:31:15 PST 2015

On 12/20/15 7:24 PM, Gry Gunvor via llvm-dev wrote:
> I want LLVM to add padding at the top of my globals.  I also want
> expressions that evaluate globals to use a base address that skips
> over the padding.  I'm looking for any suggestions as to where to
> change the size of a global and where to change the pointer value used
> when it occurs in an expression.

SAFECode has code which does this at the LLVM IR level.  You can find it 
(though you will need to update it to use the newer LLVM API).

The pass essentially looks for globals to align and pad.  To pad the 
objects, it create a new global of structure type: the first structure 
element is the global's original type, and the second is an array of 
bytes that adds the padding.  Uses of the original global are then 
replaced with a constant GEP expression that generates a pointer to the 
first element of the new global.


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