[llvm-dev] llvm-3.6 MCAsmParser x64 Error "invalid operand for instruction" when msb set

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I am experiencing problems, when trying to assemble these two x86-64 Opcodes
"add r64, imm32"
"imul r64, r64, imm32"

When having the most significant bit set for imm32, for example:
"add rax, 0x80000000", "add rax, 0xffffffff", ...
"imul rbx, rsi, 0x80000000", "imul rbx, rsi, 0xffffffff", ...

The Error Message I receive is the following:
"Instruction:1:1: error: invalid operand for instruction"

I was using the MCAsmParser, with the RelaxAll Flag set to true, for the MCStreamer.

Can someone clarify, as to why this is happening, or what I am missing?
Thank you in advance.

Kind regards


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