[llvm-dev] Allowing virtual registers after register allocation

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> I am tempted to think no, we don’t, but I don’t know the use cases.
> What post-RA passes with want to run with virtual regs?
> The immediate one that precipitated this mail was
> PrologEpilogInserter.
> However currently the only other pass we have disabled in
> WebAssemblyTargetMachine is MachineCopyPropagation.
> Several passes (post-RA MachineLICM, StackSlotColoring) already only
> run if RA runs.
> Everything else is running today. Currently that's ShrinkWrap,
> BranchFolder, ExpandPostRAPseudos, PostRAScheduler,
> GCMachineCodeAnalysis, MachineBlockPlacement, FuncletLayout, and
> StackMapLiveness. All of these run after our register coloring pass.
> I don’t know for the other passes, but I don’t think it makes sense
> to teach PrologEpilogInserter to work on virtual registers, since
> part of its job is to get rid of any virtual registers created when
> lowering the frame.
> I.e., that would indirectly mean that we would need to teach the
> scavenger how to recycle virtual registers!

I think this is exactly the part of PEI that they disable.


> The bottom line is, it feels wrong to me.
> Cheers,
> Q.

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