[llvm-dev] [PATCH] D14358: DWARF's forward decl of a template should have template parameters.

Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Dec 9 12:46:36 PST 2015

| Types are a bit more vague (as to whether omitting unreferenced types is supported by the standard) DWARF 4 just says "Structure, union, and class types are represented by debugging information entries ...".

There's some expansion of the "permissive" discussion in the works for DWARF 5.  In essence, DWARF doesn't tell you _what_ to describe, but if you describe something, you do it _how_ the spec says.  So, omitting unused types and function declarations, or lexical blocks with no containing declarations, or even things like inlined subroutines, etc. etc. is all kosher, while things like the template parameter DIEs and the artificial import of anonymous namespaces are actually required.

| Any size numbers for this change?
I got in the neighborhood of 1% (just under, IIRC) of the sum of .debug_* sections for a self-build of Clang.

| In any case, it seems like it might make sense for you to upstream your template naming change and put it under the PS4 debugger tuning option, and put this change there too, once the motivation for it is in-tree. At that point, while I'd be curious about the size tradeoff, it'd be essentially academic

Exposing tuning up through Clang is actually very nearly at the top of my list now.

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