[LLVMdev] git

Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at grenoble-inp.fr
Thu Jul 21 09:59:17 PDT 2011

Alexander MacDonald <alexmac at adobe.com> writes:

> The topic of generation numbers has come up again recently on the git
> lists and it looks like they might make it in
> (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6702821/
> git-commit-generation-numbers). Of course this isn't exactly the same
> as svn because the numbers are only unique within a given branch, but
> it should still help.

Not really. Generation numbers are discussed as a performance
optimization, but they're not unique, even within what we usually call a
"branch" (i.e. the set of commits reachable from the ref) :

A --- B
 \     \
  C --- D --- E <--- master

Commits B and C will have the same generation numbers. I hardly see a
context where they could be used by end users as commit identifiers.

Matthieu Moy

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