[LLVMdev] compounding loop exit conditions

Hanfeng Qin hanfengtsin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 06:16:13 PST 2011

Hi all,

I got a question on loop exit condition identification based on LLVM. I 
made an assumption first that loop exit conditions are located in 
exiting basic blocks. Then I use loop->getExitingBlocks() to get all 
BBs. However, this policy seemed not work for combinational exit 
conditions, e.g. compounding conditions consists of conditions with 
logical predicates. *The problem is that LLVM discompose these 
compounding conditions and only returns the last conditions*. Obviously, 
it is not I wanted. I give a sample loop code segments here and attached 
please find my BB flow chart drawn according to the disassemble files 
(*.ll). The conditions are just for test, so pls do not take it seriously.

volatile int a;
int b,e ;

void *f1 (void *notused)
     int *c;
     int d;

     while (1) {
         c = &a;
         if (*c != 0 ) d = 1;
         if ( d != 1 && e != 0 && e != d ) break;
         if ( *c == e) break;
     b = 1;

In the BB flow chart, B15 and B20 is the exiting block recognized by 
LLVM. But One of the loop exit conditions is a combination of the 
compounded branches located in B15, B12 and B9.

Can any suggestion be shared with me to solve this problem?

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