[LLVMdev] InstCombine "pessimizes" trunc i8 to i1?

Jochen Wilhelmy j.wilhelmy at arcor.de
Tue Dec 27 05:09:32 PST 2011


before InstCombine (llvm::createInstructionCombiningPass()) I have
a trunc from i8 to i1 and then a select:

%45 = load i8* @myGlobal, align 1
%tobool = trunc i8 %45 to i1
%cond = select i1 %tobool, float 1.000000e+00, float -1.000000e+00

after instCombine I have:

%29 = load i8* @myGlobal, align 1
%30 = and i8 %29, 1
%tobool = icmp ne i8 %30, 0
%cond = select i1 %tobool, float 1.000000e+00, float -1.000000e+00

is this a bug or intended? My version is 3.0 release.
Please tell me where I can remove this rule even if it is intended for 


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