[LLVMdev] Using output from dragonegg

Zack Maril zmaril at tamu.edu
Sun Dec 25 13:38:41 PST 2011

I am trying to understand how to properly use dragonegg. I've gotten it on
my machine and it runs everything and seems to compile fortran well.

If I run this command:
gcc-4.6 tests/hello_world.f -o hello_world.o -fplugin=./dragonegg.so -S
I get a bunch of LLVM code in the hello_world.o file. What do I do with it
next if I want to execute it?
I've tried llvm-as and llvm-nm but both of them just throw errors up about
file formats or errors that seem to indicate they aren't being used for
their intended purpose.
Thank you,
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