[LLVMdev] Update: Many of the LLVM DevMtg videos are now on YouTube!

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Wed Dec 14 17:51:59 PST 2011

Just wanted to send an update in case folks have missed some of the recent
community activity...

After a *lot* of hard work by Tanya and others getting most of the videos
prepared (some are still in the works) and up on the llvm.org site, I've
done the easy part of uploading them to YouTube to make it a bit easier to
grab and watch them, and to send them to friends and/or co-workers. The
YouTube playlist with them is here:

I've also created a YouTube channel for posting more LLVM project related
videos and talks. If anyone has stuff they would like to go up there, don't
hesitate to send it my way.

Finally, as a bit of a shameless plug, there are now Google+ Pages for both
LLVM and Clang:

You can follow them, and I'll try to catch any G+ posts that are
particularly relevant to LLVM or Clang and re-share them from those pages,
as well as linking to announcements, etc. =]

Now back to your regularly scheduled coding...
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