[LLVMdev] High level language and LLVM

Haohui Mai haohui.mai at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 17:55:51 PST 2011

Hi folks,

I'm interested in building a secure and verifiable operating system. One good way to do it is to build the OS with high level language, such as Java or C# since verification is significantly easier.

I have some experience on analyzing LLVM byte codes, so I also plan to compile everything into LLVM byte codes to analyze and verify my OS.

However, I also plan to write my own runtime, since I don't want to rely on GC (I'm considering something like region-based memory management).

My question is what's the status of high level language support in LLVM?

To my best knowledge, (1) there's a java class to llvm byte code translator in the SVN. (2) the VMKit project claims that it has a good JVM.

I appreciate if you could give me some more information. Comments and suggestions are also appreciated.



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