[LLVMdev] AMD IL Code Generator Backend for OpenCL

Villmow, Micah Micah.Villmow at amd.com
Tue Dec 13 07:49:39 PST 2011

We are working on getting the documentation cleaned up to the point where it can be released.
If you look at the test cases, you can infer what needs to be done. Basically since this is targeted
for OpenCL, we annotate OpenCL kernels slightly different than normal functions and that is
what causes the code to be generated. That being said, on my list of things to do is fix this so that
any function will be generated correctly and also create calling conventions that differentiate
between kernels and non-kernels.


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On Dec 12, 2011, at 9:09 AM, Villmow, Micah wrote:

LLVM-IR that isn't generated from AMD's OpenCL frontend does not produce any AMDIL.

Is this because of the way metadata is handled?  If so, will that technique be documented?  Or can it be reasonably inferred from the source code?



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