[LLVMdev] moving from lib/Target and lib/CodeGen

Evan Cheng evan.cheng at apple.com
Mon Dec 12 12:22:33 PST 2011

I have mixed feeling about this. While this does separate out target-independent pieces into CodeGen, it also introduces some confusion where the default implementation is in CodeGen while target overridden version are in Target. I also hate to see all these Target* classes being moved to CodeGen.

I thought our solution to this issue is classes such as TargetInstrInfoImpl. What's wrong with it?


On Dec 10, 2011, at 7:25 PM, Nick Lewycky wrote:

> Nick Lewycky wrote:
>> We've had a circular dependency in LLVM for a while, and while we've
>> been fortunate that we could ignore it by implementing functions in
>> header files, a recent innocent change caused a cyclic dependency
>> between Target and CodeGen just because of inlining that happens in
>> GCC. I'm proposing to fix this by moving code from Target to CodeGen
>> If I understand correctly, lib/CodeGen is target-independent code
>> generator parts and lib/Target provides a target-independent interface
>> that the code in CodeGen uses, while lib/Target/Foo provides
>> target-specific data for, and implementations of, those target
>> independent pieces. The targets themselves have access to both CodeGen
>> and Target, and those Target-independent interfaces are defined in
>> terms of types in CodeGen.
>> This means we have two target-independent layers, one in lib/Target
>> (excluding subdirs) and lib/CodeGen. I think the right thing to do is
>> move the pieces in lib/Target which mention CodeGen types (for example
>> TargetInstrInfo) into CodeGen. Please let me know whether this is the
>> right thing to do, and meanwhile I'm going to try to prepare a patch
>> that does this.
> I've gone ahead and done this. With the attached patch applied, nothing in lib/Target/* or include/llvm/Target/* include anything from include/llvm/CodeGen.
> The .cpp files that moved are TargetELFWriterInfo, TargetFrameLowering, TargetLoweringObjectFile, TargetMachine, TargetOptions, TargetRegisterInfo and TargetSubtargetInfo. The .h files that moved are the matching headers for the .cpp files plus TargetInstrInfo, TargetSelectionDAGInfo and TargetLowering.
> Please review! More generally, I suggest reviewing the idea of moving everything rather than looking at the patch itself. The patch is lots of changing Target/X to CodeGen/X, nothing exciting.
> Nick
> <target-no-codegen-llvm-1.patch><target-no-codegen-clang-1.patch>

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