[LLVMdev] Branch Instruction layout

Pasi Parviainen pasi.parviainen at iki.fi
Fri Dec 9 16:44:44 PST 2011

On 9.12.2011 20:34, Ryan Taylor wrote:
> Given an instruction like this: br i1 %tmp12, label %bb5, label %bb6
> I'm confused as to why Operand(1) = bb6 and not bb5 and why Operand(2) is
> bb5 and not bb6.
> Why in the instruction does the true path always list first but when
> accessing the operands of the instruction, it is backwards? Is there a
> particular reason for this?

Reason for this is explained in the 'llvm/Instructions.h' header file
where BranchInst is declared.


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