[LLVMdev] Benchmarking for automatic parallelization project

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Wed Dec 7 20:13:47 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-12-08 at 11:53 +0800, 陳韋任 wrote:
> > I am looking appropriate Benchmarking for the assessment of automatic
> > parallelization project. What Benchmarking do you suggest me?
>   Do you mean auto-parallelization or auto-vectorization? If it's the latter, I
> sugguest you find scientific or graphic applications.

For auto-vectorization, look at:

If you're looking for auto-parallelization, I can ask around.


>  I don't think there is
> auto-parallelization benchmark, however.
> Regards,
> chenwj

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