[LLVMdev] bug in ARMFrameLowering.cpp:processFunctionBeforeCalleeSavedScan

Alok Manchanda almancha at adobe.com
Mon Dec 5 20:29:58 PST 2011

Thanks James, Anton. I'll try and get a working test case, but it might take a bit of time as it's been a while since I encountered the error. Hopefully the input which caused it is not too hard to locate.

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Hi Alok,

Echoing Anton's statements, please provide a testcase! :)

Apart from that, looking at your patch and description I actually think that it is estimateRSStackSizeLimit that is wrong.

It is performing a check for a Thumb2 addressing mode whether the target has a FP register. That's the main check - for some reason it is appending another check AFI->hasStackFrame() which seems wrong. The function should assume the function has a stack frame, because its entire function is to estimate its size!

It looks like that check has been copy-pasted from elsewhere in the file. Anton, would you agree with this? I haven't looked at ARMFrameLowering before.



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Hello Alok,

> I fixed this by performing the CanEliminateFrame and
> RegInfo->cannotEliminateFrame checks before the call to
> estimateRSSStackSizeLimit, since these values are available before 
> BigStack is initialized. Does that sound reasonable? I’ve attached a 
> patch with my change.
Will you please provide a testcase which reproduces the problem?

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University

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