[LLVMdev] bug in ARMFrameLowering.cpp:processFunctionBeforeCalleeSavedScan

Alok Manchanda almancha at adobe.com
Sun Dec 4 23:06:44 PST 2011

Hello LLVMDev,

I've encountered what looks like a bug in LLVM 2.9, it doesn't appear to be fixed in 3.0 either.

The problem occurs in function ARMFrameLowering.cpp:processFunctionBeforeCalleeSavedScan. There's a circular dependency in setting the variable BigStack and AFI->setHashStackFrame(true). The expression which initializes BigStack calls estimateRSSStackSizeLimit which in turn checks AFI->hasStackFrame(). Unfortunately setHasStackFrame(true) only gets called after BigStack is initialized.

The specific issue this caused in my case was that BigStack got initialized as false because estimateRSSStackSizeLimit returned (1<<12)-1 instead of (1<<8)-1. The code thus never entered the if (BigStack && !ExtraCSSpill) block further down where setScavengingFrameIndex should have been set. As a result of it was not being set there, there was an assertion failure (ScavengingFrameIndex >= 0) and subsequent memory corruption in RegScavenger::scavengeRegister.

I fixed this by performing the CanEliminateFrame and RegInfo->cannotEliminateFrame checks before the call to estimateRSSStackSizeLimit, since these values are available before BigStack is initialized. Does that sound reasonable? I've attached a patch with my change.

Oh, I should mention that the previous version of LLVM we used, 2.6, didn't include the check to hasStackFrame() in estimateRSSStackSizeLimit and worked on the same input.

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