[LLVMdev] Remove identical or redundant basic blocks?

Heinz Riener hriener at student.tugraz.at
Sat May 8 08:48:36 PDT 2010

Dear all,

after optimizing a small LLVM example program (i.e., with opt -O3), the 
resulting code contains several basic blocks, which I consider identical 
or redundant.  For instance,

return:                                           ; preds = %min.exit
   ret i32 0

bb15:                                             ; preds = %min.exit
   ret i32 0


bb7.i:                                            ; preds = %bb1.i
   br label %bb3.i

bb9.i:                                            ; preds = %bb1.i
   br label %bb3.i

I think it is safe to remove the blocks bb7.i, bb9.i, bb15 while 
replacing each jump to bb15 with return and jumps to bb7.i, bb9.i with 

Is there any opt pass I can apply to the code to merge or remove these 


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