[LLVMdev] doxygen redux

Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 09:03:56 PDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I agree not only that it looks nicer but it is much more readable in the parts where there is a background block since it separates the blocks from one another.


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> Hi, I'm working on a 
> patch to overhaul docs+doxygen builds for both llvm and clang source 
> trees.
> Here's a sample of what it looks like for class 
> clang::driver::Action (sorry, llvm API docs are a bigger set so only clang has 
> been posted at this free webhost). Basically the output is a bump to latest 
> doxygen plus custom css; the wins (IMHO) are the new style doesn't waste so much 
> vertical page space, and uses slightly smaller fonts for both diagrams and 
> html.
> NEW: 
> http://kona.zzl.org/clang/api/classclang_1_1driver_1_1Action.html
> OLD: 
> http://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/classclang_1_1driver_1_1Action.html
> class with more inheritance: 
> http://kona.zzl.org/clang/api/classclang_1_1Decl.html
> class with a 
> rather large collaboration diagram: 
> http://kona.zzl.org/clang/api/classclang_1_1ASTContext.html
> I'm 
> not sure how the project/community feels about collab-diagrams. I find them 
> exceedingly large and rarely useful. There are a couple of options if changes in 
> that area are desired: (1) disable collab-diagrams. (2) make both 
> class-inheritance and collab-diagrams hidden under a javascript-knob which users 
> can click to expand each diagram.

I think this looks *much* nicer, and I 
> also agree that the collab diagram is useless.  I'd be in favor of #1, but 
> I do find the inheritance diagram to be useful.  We'll need to upgrade 
> doxygen on the server to install this, but I think it would be a great 
> improvement!

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