[LLVMdev] Is a backend considered an LLVM project?

Paulo J. Matos pocmatos at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 05:24:37 PDT 2010


I've been reading the docs, including "Creating an LLVM project", and I
was wondering if this setup also applies to backends.

On one hand it would be good if it did because it would allow one to
develop a backend without tracking the LLVM sources with it. If it is
not possible (and one follows the instruction of the backend
documentation "Writing an LLVM Compiler Backend"), then all our files
will be within LLVM sources and they will end up being tracked in the
backend repository probably inducing painful merges each time we want to
update the LLVM version we are tracking.

Would it work using the sample project, creating a lib/Target/mytarget
and go from there?



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