[LLVMdev] Is the option --enable-shared discontinued in 2.7?

Yuri yuri at tsoft.com
Wed Apr 28 10:48:25 PDT 2010

Jeffrey Yasskin wrote:
> We currently use two different techniques to get whole libraries
> included into the .so. On Linux (gnu ld and gold), we pass
> --whole-archive, while on OSX we pass -all_load. Which ld does FreeBSD
> use? If you can rearrange tools/llvm-shlib/Makefile until it works for
> you and send us a patch, we can probably get it working for llvm-2.8.

ld on FreeBSD is from binutils. It takes --whole-archive option. But 
command line needs to be changed: actual archive files should be 
supplied, not just -lXXX. I believe that will fix the problem.


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