[LLVMdev] GlobalValue type

Orgoton Baberek arkangath at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 09:38:34 PDT 2010

John Criswell <criswell <at> uiuc.edu> writes:

> You can utilize the doxygen docs 
> (http://llvm.org/doxygen/hierarchy.html) to find which methods of 
> classes give you the information you want.
> For example, you can look up the PointerType class and see the methods 
> it provides.  One of its methods returns the type it contains (I think 
> it's getContainedType() or something like that; I don't recall the name 
> exactly, but you can use doxygen to find it).

Ohh I didnt know about that hierarchy. I've been looking over the doxygen files
but couldnt find the function you mentioned. I did find a "getElementType()"
from SequentialType that worked. Thanks a lot!

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