[LLVMdev] Living on Clang

Lacey, Mark mark.lacey at intel.com
Thu Apr 15 14:27:28 PDT 2010

> We want to make Clang great, and we need your help!


I don't see any type of selfbuild target in the LLVM top level makefile.
This would be a useful way to automate the self build process.

I've used similar mechanisms before on other compilers, where you can
trivially invoke a three phase build (first you do a full build with your
system compiler, then you use your built compiler to do another full build,
and then take that most recent build compiler to build yet again...). The
build options of the last two phases are identical, and the object files
from those last two passes are compared to ensure that they are identical.

Ideally you can control the build options of the initial build and last two
builds independently (e.g. build a compiler without optimizations and with
assertions, and then do the last two builds with assertions disabled, and
optimizations on) - I'm not sure how easy this is with the autoconfig based
system LLVM/clang use, if at all.


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