[LLVMdev] Uninstalling TOT to use a branch release

Samuel Crow samuraileumas at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 10:54:42 PDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I have been puzzling over how to uninstall the SVN Head release of LLVM for compatibility with llvm-gcc 4.2-2.6.  Our project is based on 2.6 of LLVM but I needed to install TOT to check if a bug was ours or had been fixed in the latest LLVM.  Now that the bug is fixed, I need to go back to LLVM 2.6.  I used CMake to build TOT on MacOSX 10.5.x and there is no "make uninstall" option.  When I try to build LLVM 2.6 it seems to skip over some of the files during the "make install" stage and llvm-g++ doesn't do its --emit-llvm functionality as a result.

If you need more information about the error I get or what the project I'm working on is, I'll be watching the list carefully for replies.

Thanks for your time,



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