[LLVMdev] Question. about Machinefunction pass, funtion Prolog/Epilog code, stack frame

Gang.Yao ttoole9 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 00:36:55 PDT 2010

I am new to the LLVM, and need some help with this points.

1. how can we add special code for the Prolog/Epilog for some
certain functions, this should be done with machinefunction pass, rt?

2. Basically, I want to get the function stack frame, that is the size and
the initial position.
  I found
int64_t llvm::MachineFrameInfo::getObjectSize ( int  *ObjectIdx*  )
This method is done before or after the mapping of virtual registers?

3. the program code will be at .text section, suppose we are going to
move the code from .text to somewhere else, how can we get the
start and the length of the effective code,

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