[LLVMdev] darwin dragon-egg build issues

Jack Howarth howarth at bromo.med.uc.edu
Sat Apr 10 19:35:37 PDT 2010

   FYI, I am interested in dragon-egg because I have been
preparing updated llvm/llvm-gcc42 2.7 packaging for fink
and was considering adding in an addition dragon-egg package
if the additional gcc patch didn't destablize gcc45. Also
I am really interested in checking the Polyhedron 2005
benchmarks for gcc 4.5.0 with and without dragon-egg.
The Polyhedron 2005 benchmarks improved about 14%
on llvm-gfortran over the past 13 months without the
llvm developers even targeting those. With a modern
gfortran and decent vectorization support, the benchmarks
could be quite interesting and might fire up some interest
among the FSF gcc developers.

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