[LLVMdev] VMKit assertion failure

Konrad Hinsen konrad.hinsen at fastmail.net
Tue Apr 6 12:23:11 PDT 2010

Hi Nicolas,

> Did you compile vmkit with llvm-gcc or gcc? Did you make sure the  
> path to GNU Classpath is correct in your configure command?

I let the configure script of VMKit do its work and it decided to use  
gcc, the gcc 4.0.1 that is part of Apple's XCode distribution for  
MacOS 10.5. There is no llvm-gcc anywhere on my machine. Should I have  
one? I did install llvm without any error messages and I have a couple  
of llvm-* executables, but no llvm-gcc.

As for GNU classpath, I think my configuration is correct but I don't  
know how to verify. Here's my configure command line for VMKit:

	./configure --with-llvmsrc=/Users/hinsen/Development/VMKit/llvm -- 
with-llvmobj=/Users/hinsen/Development/VMKit/llvm --with-gnu-classpath- 
glibj=/Users/hinsen/Development/VMKit/classpath-0.97.2/lib --with-gnu- 

And here's the output of "cd /Users/hinsen/Development/VMKit/ 
classpath-0.97.2/lib; ls":

META-INF                gen-classlist.sh        libjavalangreflect.so
Makefile                gen-classlist.sh.in     libjavanet.so
Makefile.am             glibj.zip               libjavanio.so
Makefile.gcj            gnu                     libjavautil.so
Makefile.in             java                    mkcollections.pl.in
classes                 java.dep                org
classes.1               javax                   resources
classes.2               libgconfpeer.so         split-for-gcj.sh
compile-classes         libgtkpeer.so           standard.omit
copy-vmresources.sh     libjavaio.so            standard.omit.in
copy-vmresources.sh.in  libjavalang.so          sun

> Also, you can now update to the latest revision.

Done - but that doesn't change anything, unfortunately.


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