[LLVMdev] Idea for Google Summer Code : C Compiler for EFI Byte Code implement in LLVM

琬菁楊 ching1119.cs96 at g2.nctu.edu.tw
Fri Apr 2 09:28:36 PDT 2010

Hello Chris,

I have survey the efi specification and ask some question to efi engineer.
Difference between EFI C and ANSI C is as following:
1. void*
    In EFI C, the void* is 4-byte for 32-bit processor and 8-byte for 64-bit
    And it can appears in any where like ANSI C.
    So the main problem is that struct layout like
    struct S{
        void* X;
    is not static.
2. no floating support in EFI C
3. no C++ support in EFI C
4. no assembly support in EFI C, all assembly must convert to C

I am wondering that does LLVM support model which structure layout is
determined at run time??
If not, do I need to modify the parser in clang to support this feature??


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