[LLVMdev] converting x86 instructions to LLVM instructions

Alexandre Gouraud alexandre.gouraud at enst-bretagne.fr
Tue Sep 29 03:14:55 PDT 2009

Dear all,

I am studying a paper (cf below) that says they have written a piece of code
to translate x86 instructions to LLVM. I am interested in this, and would
like to write the same kind of thing, but not using QEMU as they claim in
the paper, but rather with my own pin tool.

>From what I have red until now on LLVM, and my relative poor knowledge of
assembly, I have the feeling that this is a huge task (many months of work).
This holds me back to dig into it and I would well be encouraged if I knew
that this is an easy thing for some of you, experts. If there was a public
piece of code that does it already would be awesome of course. The paper is
mentioning this (http://code.google.com/p/llvm-qemu/) but I am not sure it
would lead me where I want.

Any comment welcome.


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