[LLVMdev] help with llvm make system

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Tue Sep 22 06:26:09 PDT 2009

Stefan Oestreicher <stefan.oestreicher at deluxe-design.at> writes:


> Unfortunately no matter what I do to the makefile of the compiler tool 
> it won't compile. I always get errors in llvm/Support/Annotation.h that 
> look like some type declarations are missing. Unfortunately my 
> experience building C/C++ programs, especially with autoconf etc., is 
> very limited if not to say non-existent. I would very much appreciate 
> any hint on what I'm doing wrong.

It would be useful to see the first error messages and the compile
command (do make VERBOSE=1 in case it is hidden)



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