[LLVMdev] OT: intel darwin losing primary target status

Jack Howarth howarth at bromo.med.uc.edu
Fri Sep 18 11:40:12 PDT 2009

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 11:13:52AM -0700, Nick Kledzik wrote:
> The important thing is that only one unwinder is used.  The  
> _Unwind_Context data structure is different between the darwin and FSF  
> implementations, so you can't pass it between two different  
> implementations.   Since darwin uses two-level namespace and swapping in 
> a new libgcc_s.dylib at runtime is not going to effect the various OS 
> dylibs that are looking for _Unwind_* routines in libSystem.dylib.
> Even if you managed to get the test suite to run where everything is  
> consistently using the just built libgcc_s.dylib, how will this work for 
> end users of the gcc-4.5+ who want to ship an app built with gcc-4.5+?  
> Their code needs to use the OS unwinder.
> So it seems to me you should be testing the compiler against the OS  
> unwinder - not against the just built unwinder.
> Has something changed in the FSF unwinder that clients of gcc will want?
> -Nick
> P.S. One minor pet peeve of mine is that the exception handling is well 
> layered (e.g. _cxa_* layer on top the _Unwind_* layer (which on darwin is 
> now built upon the libunwind layer)).  Except for one glaring problem.  
> The compiler mostly emits calls to _cxa_* functions, but it makes one 
> call to _Unwind_Resume.   Ah!!   And those are in different dylibs!  If 
> instead the compiler made some call like __cxa_resume() in 
> libstdc++.dylib which turned around and called _Unwind_Resume() in 
> libgcc_s.dylib, then much of the problem above would never happen.

I am not sure if some of these problems were latent and only
exposed by the change, but the mass regressions in the g++
and libjava testsuites were triggered by the commit...

Author: rth
Date: Sat May 30 00:33:46 2009
New Revision: 147995

URL: http://gcc.gnu.org/viewcvs?root=gcc&view=rev&rev=147995
        * cfgcleanup.c (try_crossjump_to_edge): Only skip past
        * cfglayout.c (duplicate_insn_chain): Copy epilogue insn marks.
        Duplicate NOTE_INSN_EPILOGUE_BEG notes.
        * cfgrtl.c (can_delete_note_p): Allow NOTE_INSN_EPILOGUE_BEG
        to be deleted.
        * dwarf2out.c (struct cfa_loc): Change indirect field to bitfield,
        add in_use field.
        (add_cfi): Disable check redefining cfa away from drap.
        (lookup_cfa_1): Add remember argument; handle remember/restore.
        (lookup_cfa): Pass remember argument.
        (cfa_remember): New.
        (compute_barrier_args_size_1): Remove sibcall check.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_def_cfa): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_adjust_cfa): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_cfa_offset): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_cfa_register): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_cfa_restore): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug): Handle REG_CFA_* notes.
        (dwarf2out_begin_epilogue): New.
        (dwarf2out_frame_debug_restore_state): New.
        (dw_cfi_oprnd1_desc): Handle DW_CFA_remember_state,
        (output_cfi_directive): Likewise.
        (convert_cfa_to_fb_loc_list): Likewise.
        (dw_cfi_oprnd1_desc): Handle DW_CFA_restore.
        * dwarf2out.h: Update.
        * emit-rtl.c (try_split): Don't split RTX_FRAME_RELATED_P.
        (copy_insn_1): Early out for null.
        * final.c (final_scan_insn): Call dwarf2out_begin_epilogue
        and dwarf2out_frame_debug_restore_state.
        * function.c (prologue, epilogue, sibcall_epilogue): Remove.
        (prologue_insn_hash, epilogue_insn_hash): New.
        (free_after_compilation): Adjust freeing accordingly.
        (record_insns): Create hash table if needed; push insns into
        hash instead of array.
        (maybe_copy_epilogue_insn): New.
        (contains): Search hash table instead of array.
        (sibcall_epilogue_contains): Remove.
        (thread_prologue_and_epilogue_insns): Split eh_return insns
        and mark them as epilogues.
        (reposition_prologue_and_epilogue_notes): Rewrite epilogue
        scanning in terms of basic blocks.
        * insn-notes.def (CFA_RESTORE_STATE): New.
        * jump.c (returnjump_p_1): Accept EH_RETURN.
        (eh_returnjump_p_1, eh_returnjump_p): New.
        * reg-notes.def (CFA_DEF_CFA, CFA_ADJUST_CFA, CFA_OFFSET,
        * rtl.def (EH_RETURN): New.
        * rtl.h (eh_returnjump_p, maybe_copy_epilogue_insn): Declare.

        * config/bfin/bfin.md (UNSPEC_VOLATILE_EH_RETURN): Remove.
        (eh_return_internal): Use eh_return rtx; split w/ epilogue.

        * config/i386/i386.c (gen_push): Update cfa state.
        (pro_epilogue_adjust_stack): Add set_cfa argument.  When true,
        add a CFA_ADJUST_CFA note.
        (ix86_dwarf_handle_frame_unspec): Remove.
        (ix86_expand_prologue): Update cfa state.
        (ix86_emit_restore_reg_using_pop): New.
        (ix86_emit_restore_regs_using_pop): New.
        (ix86_emit_leave): New.
        (ix86_emit_restore_regs_using_mov): Add CFA_RESTORE notes.
        (ix86_expand_epilogue): Add notes for unwinding the epilogue.
        * config/i386/i386.h (struct machine_cfa_state): New.
        (ix86_cfa_state): New.
        * config/i386/i386.md (UNSPEC_EH_RETURN): Remove.
        (eh_return_internal): Merge from eh_return_<mode>,
        use eh_return rtx, split w/ epilogue.

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