[LLVMdev] OT: intel darwin losing primary target status

Jack Howarth howarth at bromo.med.uc.edu
Fri Sep 18 08:16:45 PDT 2009

  I realize this is off-topic for the list, but I thought
all the darwin developers here might want to be aware of
this. The current regressions in gcc trunk regarding
exception handling has been escalated to a P1 in order to
attract darwin developers to the issue...


If these regressions aren't fixed before gcc 4.5's release,
it appears the *-*-darwin will be removed from the primary
target list for FSF gcc. This would be rather unfortunate
since it would eventually compromise the quality of fortran
compilers that darwin users have access to. Hopefully the
current darwin maintainers listed for FSF gcc can find some
approach acceptable to their management where the other
FSF gcc developers can be guided through debugging and
fixing this regression.

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