[LLVMdev] Issues with HelloWorld on VMKit

Nicolas Geoffray nicolas.geoffray at lip6.fr
Sat Sep 5 07:02:07 PDT 2009

Hi Matteo,

Matteo Migliavacca wrote:

>> Have you done the links from procedure no 2 on the "get started" page?
> Ops, that was it, thanks! (Sometimes I wish humans could have  
> instruction pointers....)

Great, I should definitely print an error message for that.

> I was wondering the easiest way to play a bit with  Isolation  
> features, but I am still missing a great deal of understanding of the  
> whole project. Is Isolation tied to the OSGi framework? I see three  
> compile options single/isolate/isolate-sharing/service what these do?  
> Is I-JVM supposed to run off-the shelf Felix or Equinox?

Yes, there are multiple ways to build vmkit. The usual one is for having 
a JVM similar to other JVMs. The isolate one is to run multiple Java 
applications inside a single instance of vmkit. The isolate-sharing 
enables sharing code between all the applications. Finally, service is 
for I-JVM. For I-JVM, I'll take that offline, it's off-topic for this 
mailing list.


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