[LLVMdev] 2.6 pre-release1 ready for testing

Török Edwin edwintorok at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 01:56:48 PDT 2009

On 2009-08-31 08:50, Tanya Lattner wrote:
> LLVMers,
> 2.6 pre-release1 is ready to be tested by the community. 
> http://llvm.org/prereleases/2.6/

Hi Tanya,

Here are the results for x86_64 Linux (Debian unstable):

> You will notice that we have quite a few pre-compiled binaries (of
> both clang and llvm-gcc). We have identified several bugs that will be
> fixed in pre-release2, so please search the bug database before filing
> a new bug.
> If you have time, I'd appreciate anyone who can help test the release.
> To test llvm-gcc:
> 1) Compile llvm from source and untar the llvm-test in the projects
> directory (name it llvm-test or test-suite). Choose to use a
> pre-compiled llvm-gcc or re-compile it yourself.
> 2) Run make check, report any failures (FAIL or unexpected pass). Note
> that you need to reconfigure llvm with llvm-gcc in your path or with
> --with-llvmgccdir
> 3) Run "make TEST=nightly report" and send me the report.nightly.txt

Built from source, objdir != srcdir
../llvm-gcc4.2-2.6.source/configure   --program-prefix=llvm-
--enable-llvm=/home/edwin/llvm2.6/obj/ --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran


> To test clang:
> 1) Compile llvm and clang from source.
> 2) Run make check for llvm.
> 3) Run make  -C tools/clang-2.6 test VERBOSE=1 (report any failures or
> unexpected passes)

Tests OK.

Some further testing I did (not all PRs here are regressions):

ClamAV (latest git): clang OK, llvm-gcc OK

Linux 2.6.31-rc8 (patched) build fails for both:
     ARCH=x86: clang: PR4689, llvm-gcc/clang: PR4628
     ARCH=um: clang: PR4096, PR4689, llvm-gcc: PR4898
(note that at some point LLVM was able to compile these, not sure if it
was 2.5, or after 2.5)

Perl 5.10:
      clang: build OK, 1 test fails PR4897
      llvm-gcc: OK
valgrind 3.4.1:
       clang: build fails PR2461, PR4899;
       llvm-gcc build OK, test build fails PR4434
ACE_wrappers: llvm-gcc OK
blender 2.49b:
         llvm-gcc build OK, render matches gcc where render is
deterministic, and mean-square-error is about the same where not
         clang build OK (building only C sources), renders some blend
files differently, particularly around shaded regions:  PR4900

Best regards,

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